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Social Media Marketing

Turn Your Social Accounts To Powerful Advertising

Grow Your Business With The Right Social Etiquette.

By simple definition on Wiki, Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. This is one form of internet marketing by taking advantage of your memberships in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram. It’s sort of a personal referral by your friends across their social network to reach friends of friends and hoping that your subject matter merits for them to share your link to more people of like interests.

It pays to be active and engaged in you social pages or blogs. The internet is so fast and wide reaching that it’s only logical to advertise across social media networks than the more expensive, traditional tri-media marketing (television, radio, print).

Again, with the complex structure involving SEO, these social media accounts should be interlinked. So when you post on one social site, it has the capability to automatically generate the same posts on your other accounts for easy manageability. This process also creates backlinks and citations for your website thus helping to boost your ranking in local searches. Every little tweak matters and collectively it is sensible marketing.

Here’s a comprehensive description of Social Media Marketing by Moz.


Make An Impact

Whether your concept is funny, sexy, professional, or even shocking, keep it true to your business core. Personal tone and sincerity in your intent to connect with your social media friends will engage them more and most probably get more likes. Visual layout and content will capture the attention within your social circle. Keep your page fresh and regularly updated with a variety of media content that speaks to your target audience.